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Group Training

Fitnessworx offer both training plans and nutritional advice for both individual and team performance to a variety of sports teams.

Our instructors have experience in a wide variety of sports. Laura and her staff have experince in the Strength and Conditioning side of the training routine. We can offer individual or group training to suit your requirements. We can adapt the group training sessions as required to take in to account different requirements depending on each players position and the demands of the game on that specific player, and we can devise periodised training programs to coincide with your pre-season, in-season and off season training schedule.

Are you a player who is under pressure to keep your place on your team? If so, why not talk to us today about a specific program to give you that vital edge to ensure that you keep that place!

Maybe you live close to some of your teammates and would like to get together for a small group session for 2 or 3 people? We can do training sessions for small groups like these that will target the specific areas that each player would like to address.

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Give us a call today and see how Fitnessworx can help you get fit! We cater to all levels of fitness and disciplines. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] and a member of our team will be in touch ASAP!