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Sports Specific Training


Our gym facilities extensive and spacious weightlifting areas has facilitated multiple partnership agreements with local Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, GAA, Track & Field, Hockey and other sports clubs with regard to the provision of individually tailored strength and conditioning programmes, power testing and Reactive Strength Index testing.


A new development under negotiation is the provision of Strength and plyometric training specifically tailored for development swimmers.

Golf Academy

Fitnessworx is finalising a partnership agreement with a TPI certified practitioner and golf professional for the purpose of expanding upon the scope of golf specific screening and physical preparation/conditioning work we already undertake.


We have qualified and certified FMS practitioners. FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are crucial to normal function. FMS identifies functional limitations and asymmetries – these may predispose an athlete/player to an increased risk of injury.

Field fitness

We provide on field fitness and conditioning for male and female hockey teams including expert guidance on technical and capacity issues relating to speed, agility, change of direction as well as repeat sprint ability development across a range of age groups.

GAA Hurling & Football Clubs

Partnerships with multiple GAA Hurling & Football Clubs for the provision of Fundamental Movement Screening, Fitness Testing, Strength & Conditioning Programming and field based training sessions.

Irish Sailing Association

Fitnessworx is the official southern base for the Irish Sailing Association. We structure training programmes for Optimist, Topper and Olympic Laser class sailors.

Athletics Ireland

World Champion Race-walker Robert Heffernan and southern based Irish race-walkers receive movement screening, mobility and strength and conditioning training at Fitnessworx, with the support of Athletics Ireland.

Professional rugby players

Professional rugby players are provided with one-to-one training sessions addressing speed mechanics, technique, acceleration and maximum velocity sprint development.

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